Canadian Baptist Ministries Prayer Line

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Please pray for the Chinese Christian Discipleship training camp, led by John and Ruth Chan, taking place this Easter weekend.  Petition God to provide all the resources and help that they need.  Ask that the speakers and leaders be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as they prepare and deliver their messages.  Ask that Christ be present as they gather together and that the delegates would encounter Jesus in personal ways as they accompany Him on His journey to the cross.  Pray that each one there will likewise pick up their own cross and follow closely after Him.  Ask that God grant that they also experience the new life of resurrection and the assurance of His accompaniment on a daily basis.  Pray that each person may be sensitized to the leading of the Holy Spirit, forming them into the image of His Son as they go about their daily lives.


Thank God for the improvement of maternal and child health in rural areas.  Pray that the work will continue unhindered and that the women and children in these areas will find their voice during the current electoral process.  Ask for peaceful and fair elections and pray that no one will be deterred from taking part in the process.   Ask that the people going to the polls will be given wisdom as they vote and that those elected will have acted in the best interest of all the people including the disenfranchised.

Central African Republic

Pray for peace in the conflict ravaged country bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The United Nations is concerned about the risk of genocide and only Christ can bring peace that encompasses all the relationships and areas of life ravaged by this conflict sparked by economic, political, ethnic and religious differences.  Ask that the Christian majority in this country would repent from taking matters into their own hands and call on Christ instead.  Pray that Jesus would deliver them and their fellow citizens from the hatred that sparks cycles of dehumanizing violence on all sides.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would restrain the forces of evil that are ravaging the country and instilling fear into the populace.  Ask that God would comfort those who have suffered grievous loss and that He would enable them to forgive their enemies as He forgave them.  Pray that by God’s grace the militias would turn from their murderous inclinations and that the hearts of populace will be inclined towards seeking peace.  Pray that those ravaged by the violence would be enabled to work together to rebuild the country.