Be A Volunteer!

God intended every single Christian to be a church volunteer.
“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it”
(1 Corinthians 12:27).


Church volunteering is about bringing the love of Christ to a hurting and broken world and Church volunteers exist to fill God’s greatest commandment:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’” 
Matthew 22:37-39

Lots of volunteers work up front and behind the scenes to make Bethany a better community of faith. Do you have the time, talent, and skills and want to help out? Why not sign up for an hour or two on a spare morning or afternoon or for a weekly scheduled volunteer position on a Commission? Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to Bethany’s social and spiritual life!

If you would like to use your time, talent, and skills to serve the Bethany family and help Build Back Bethany, then email for more information.



Bethany Volunteer Pool
Church volunteers exist to solve real problems. As we begin to rebuild our community after the stress and disruption of the last few years, we are preparing a pool of volunteers willing to help Pastor Maryann and the Commissions when the occasional need for extra help arises in their hard work for the Bethany community. There will also be volunteer positions opening up for serving in the Commissions in the near future.



Sunday Beverage Makers
Did the lockdowns make you stir crazy? Turn that lemon into lemonade! We are looking for people for the Bethany Brew Crew to mix lemonade and prepare iced water before the Sunday service, and set up a table outside the front door for coffee, refreshments, and a chat after the Sunday service. Make that opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new friends after the weekly church service even more enjoyable! You don’t have to be stir-crazy to apply (but it helps).

Sunday Greeters

In any church it is important to build a sense of community, where everybody feels that they belong, as in a family. If a new person doesn’t get to know somebody else, make a new friend, or otherwise feel connected, she or he won’t stay. To build community we have to continue to do things together, and invite newcomers to such things as pot luck meals, home groups, Bible studies, the choir, and special events. We also need to make sure that they feel welcome on Sunday mornings.

Pastor John Torrance, The Bethany Newsletter, November 1995

More people are attending in-person worship now and we notice a new face at the service every now and then. These very important outreach positions not only welcome old friends, but also introduce potential new adherents and members to the Bethany community, and may even help someone just passing through along on their spiritual journey.



AV Team Members
Jason from the Administration Commission is looking for more volunteers for the A/V team to operate the sound system and online broadcasting for the Sunday service on a weekly scheduled basis.

Contact Jason and help make the Worship Team sound even better! Training will be provided.

Bethany Publicity and information Team
Writers, Photo Models, Photographers, & Graphic Designers, let your inner Leonardo Da Vinci or Leonardo DiCaprio shine!
As part of the Build Back Bethany effort we are looking for volunteers interested in establishing a Bethany Publicity and Information team. The purpose of the team is to stage photos and create information and publicity materials for the website, Bethany community newsletters, and posters for events. It will also support Pastor Maryann, the Council, and Commissions if and when they require publicity and information materials. Contact to sign up.

Bethany Archive and Research Team

Amateur historians, archivists, and researchers required to dig up and to preserve Bethany’s past. Projects include updating the Bethany history page, identifying the people in our large photograph archive, and beginning preparation for a special 75th anniversary publication.
E-mail for more information or to sign up.