Church Ordinances

The Baptist Church practices the two ordinances commanded by Jesus during His ministry: Communion (Lord’s Supper) and Baptism. These ordinances are carried out as symbols of spiritual truth. They are called sacraments in other Christian traditions.

Believer’s Baptism

In Baptist churches, only believers receive baptism. We believe in Believer’s baptism by full immersion for those who believe and want to follow Christ. The act of baptism symbolizes the spiritual change that has already taken place within the individual by repenting and accepting Jesus.

Baptism is done by immersion in the baptistry, which takes the form of a pool large enough for one or more people to baptize another by full immersion. Full immersion is done because it is the method used in the Bible and in the early church. Jesus was also baptized by immersion by his cousin John the Baptist.

We do not practice infant baptism. However, we do schedule a “Child Dedication Ceremony” for parents with young children to pray for the children and to have parents dedicate themselves to educating their child in the knowledge of God and God’s word.